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The Journal of Sergio Bonelli

September - October 2014

September - October 2014

Leaf through the pages of our Online Journal to discover all the publications due for September and October: eyes on Dylan Dog's relaunch, Orfani's Second Season and a new hero called Adam Wild!

Dear friends,

After a summer marked by recurring rain showers and an unusual cool climate, when we take a look to the initiatives we have in store for you next Fall, there’s no doubt that the upcoming Bonellian season will be white hot! It will feature three main events. The first one, in order of publication, will be the eagerly awaited new course of Dylan Dog: starting from the album that will be at your newsstands on September 27, nothing (or almost nothing) will be like it was before for our Nightmare Investigator! N.337 of the regular series (created by Roberto Recchioni and Nicola Mari and exceptionally in full color!) will represent the beginning of a regeneration process, that’ll involve all the series connected to the character created by Tiziano Sclavi; Dylan will go back to his roots – to retrieve the “horror” and disquieting flavor of his adventures –, but we’ll also be able to see some new traits, such as the retirement of Inspector Bloch, the arrival of new characters and the introduction of technology in Dylan’s daily life.

Next, on October 4, there will be the debut of a new character: Adam Wild! The new series by Gianfranco Manfredi (well-known by our readers for his long saga, Magico Vento, and his stories for Tex and Dylan Dog), is set in sub-equatorial Africa at the end of the 19th century, twenty years after the death of David Livingstone. During that time, the British Empire declared a war against the slave traders, but only on paper. A rebel Scottish explorer, though, is fighting for real: his name is Adam Wild and he’s an action man, that battles against the trade of human beings and the exploitation of the African people. He’s a character that can bring back, in his stories, the flavor of the Adventure with a capital "A"!

There’s a series, also, that will reach a momentous turning point—Orfani: with n.12 – due on September 16 – the narrative tension will reach its apex, allowing the authors to present us with an emotional and shocking Season finale. The events of this album will be the prelude to the beginning of Season 2 of the series by Recchioni & Mammucari, in October, when the new episode will have an unexpected protagonist: you can see the carefully concealed character on the opening picture of this page. To furtherly arouse your curiosity, we chose to keep this character’s identity secret, and reveal it only when the final chapter of Orfani’s first cycle will be at your newsstands.

These three series literally steal the show, but we can’t forget about the many other special issues of next September/October: from the 20th Tex Stella d'Oro (with the reissue of the Texone by artist Giancarlo Alessandrini) to a new episode of Storie da Altrove; from Speciale Dylan Dog n.28 to the tenth Speciale Dampyr, and Brendon n.99 (where we will come to the end of the long saga that, during the last years, saw the hero created by Claudio Chiaverotti fighting against the sect of the Black Moon), the 32nd Agenzia Alfa and the new formula (called “Old Boy”) of Maxi Dylan Dog.

We’ll close this preview with our Almanacco dell'Avventura, that this year is appropriately dedicated to another Master of Italian comics: Gino D'Antonio. We chose this occasion to offer again three full-color stories by the unforgettable author from Milan, two of them originally published in the series "Un uomo un'avventura" ("L'uomo dello Zululand", "L'uomo di Iwo Jima") and one from the famous "Storia del West" saga ("L'uomo della Frontiera"), with also an in-depth dossier about D’Antonio’s career.

Once again, we did our best to prepare a couple of months where you’ll be spoilt for choice. Now we just have to invite you to discover all our publications, leafing through the pages of Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online, and wish you all...

...a good read!