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And the first came from the West!

And the first came from the West!

By Graziano Frediani

The cover of "Pictorial History
of the Wild West", a detail.

Once, I asked Sergio Bonelli if there was a “Number One” among his books, or a title that could be seen as the first to enter his immense library. “Yes”, Sergio answered me, and proudly showed me the book: it’s called “Pictorial History of the Wild West”, written by James D. Horan and Paul Sann for the New York publisher Crown, back in 1954, and it recreates, with a great amount of original photographs, the tragic deeds of the most famous characters of the American West, revealing their true faces, beyond the myth and all the rethorics.

Sergio personally bought it almost 60 years ago in the only bookshop in Milan that imported books and magazines "made in Usa", and he didn’t stop reading and using it as a reference ever since.