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The creator of Il grande Belzoni

Short biography of Walter Venturi


Born in Rome on January 6, 1969, in 1994 he debuts by self-producing 12 albums of his character "Capitan Italia"; then he works on the horror mini-series "Lost Kidz", written by Roberto Recchioni and colored by his  wife Tiziana "MadCow", self-produced by the Factory group. Venturi then works with Eura Editoriale, creating many single stories and mini-series featured on Skorpio and Lanciostory, while joining the staff of "John Doe" and "Detective Dante", two series both by Lorenzo Bartoli & Roberto Recchioni. For Disney he is the penciller for the episode n. 7 of the "Kylion" series and – for Edizioni BD – of a "Brad Barron" short story, featured in the book "Anatomia di un eroe". It’s an anticipation of "Brad Barron" n.16, the album that marks the beginning of Venturi’s collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore. After working also on "Demian", he creates the first album of Color Zagor (August 2013) and debuts as a writer and artist with "Il grande Belzoni", Romanzo a Fumetti published on October 2013.