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Il grande Belzoni

Il grande Belzoni

Who found the entrance to the pyramid of Chephren? Who uncovered the temple of Abu Simbel? Who located the tomb of Seti I?

The tenth Romanzo a  fumetti follows the footsteps of the paduan Giovanni Battista Belzoni. London, 1816. After many different experiences, Giovanni Battista Belzoni from Padua is working in a circus, having a huge success as the “strongest man in the world”. Feeling he’s nothing more than a sideshow artist, he chooses to change his life. Along with his wife, Sarah, Belzoni goes to Egypt. In this ancient and mysterious land, after a few years, great labors and many adventures, Belzoni will be one of the main discoverer of early egyptology. And he merely wanted to go and find fortune and... himself!