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Who is Dragonero

The world of Dragonero

The world of Dragonero

Crossed by long navigable rivers, covered in thick forests and inhabited by mysterious and fascinating creatures: that’s the Erondàr!

The Erondàr (i.e. The Empire) occupies an extensive area, comparable to Continental Europe; its capital city is Vàlhendàrt, located at the point where the White River flows into the Awrasùhre, the large internal sea. The Erondàr is crossed by long navigable rivers and covered in thick forests, where the Sylvan Elves live alongside even more mysterious creatures.
East and West there are great islands and huge archipelagoes, where corsairs and barbaric, belligerent people live. Going South, you’ll find large areas outside the Empire’s control: giant mountains, mephitic marshes, calcined deserts ruled by independent sultanates and nomadic satrapies. It’s the great adventure zone, where grand, and now vanished, cultures thrived centuries ago, leaving an important heritage. Further beyond, the fabulous Southern Realms flourish, the places where the merchants’ caravans come back from, burdened with exotic goods. North of the Empire, there’s the bleak Land of the Dragons, an immense stretch of tundra, where an “alien” and unknown race lives: the Algenti. Here also the Dark Realms can be found, the cursed lands made of darkness, inhabited by dreadful and abominable creatures that came from other dimensions, with no human trait in them.
The Great Wall was built in the ancient times, to protect the lands from these threats: it’s an enormous barrier that cuts the continent lenghtwise, patroled night and day by the selected corps of the Red Guards.