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The monstrous creatures

The monstrous creatures

Soul devourers, hellish vultures, evil spirits: the dark side of the Wild West!

Iktomi, or the Demon of Deception. This is an occult Indian divinity that foments hatred and strife within the tribe.
It can appear under various forms: as a sensual woman, a loathsome old man, a gigantic scorpion with deadly poisonous venom, or an enormous spider capable of emitting a massive electric charge. But its greatest weapon is deception: Iktomi treacherously blends truth and falsehood in the minds of men, distorts their visions, insinuates creeping doubt in their souls and confuses their senses.
The Windigo is a predatory monster of the Northern Forests. Constantly searching for human flesh, the Windigo grows in height and size according to how many victims it devours, in a never-ending spiral of horror.

The Ancients and the underground creatures. This is a tribute to Lovecraft's world, freely reinvented. They are arcane ancestors of an ancient species enemy of the Sioux people, but ready, if needed, to submit also white people to their will. They live in another dimension but manage to communicate with humans thru incredibly deep caves from where they cannot escape. They created a new species to serve them crossing human and supernatural traits