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Who is Jan Dix

The world of Dix and art

The world of Dix and art

Art is without bounds and Jan Dix travels all around the world following paintings, sculptures and artifacts' traces.

To try and Solve the mysterious riddles of the Art world, Jan Dix Needs to travel a lot, going to the four corners of the earth. Stalking the tracks of great artists (and their works), such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh, or looking for a crazed and unknown “ex voto” painter, the “primitives” sculptors who create totems and animistic images, or the morbid “wunderkammer” makers, Dix flies to very different places all over the world. The theatre of his adventures is Amsterdam, the place where he lives and home of the Rijksmuseum. His adventures in the Netherlands aren’t limited to the big city with its famous canals, but take place in some less known corners away from the touristic circuit, in the fascinating Dutch countryside, with its ubiquitous windmills. Dix will also go to Hungary (following the tracks of Johannes Vermeer’s most famous work, “Young Girl in a Turban”, worldwide known with the title “Girl with a Pearl Earring”), to France, Normandy, and the New World. Dix will go to Canada, as well, in the greener parts around the Great Lakes and in the quasi-deserted West Coast, looking for the forest’s Native tribes and the secret of their majestic wooden totems; his journey will touch Africa, too, to discover the charm of the Moroccan desert. Art knows no boundaries!