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Who is Jan Dix

His friends

His friends

A perpetual fiancée, a young and dynamic assistant and an old and trustworthy mentor.

Annika Hermans
Director of a section of Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, Annika is both Jan’s employer and his long-standing and disquiet girlfriend. She feels that Jan is unable to guarantee her the stable and safe relationship she wants. Therefore, they have a two–way interaction: it’s Annika the one who gives Jan instructions and charges in the professional life, but when it comes to love it’s the investigator who leads and dictate the rules…
Gherrit Lastman
25 years old, architecture student, Gherrit is the dynamic and long-suffering assistant both for Jan and Annika. Working alternatively for them, the young student helps Dix in his quests, watching his back and doing research that more often than not gives important insight about the investigation. While trying to help Dix to avoid troubles, Gherrit often finds himself in an action role.     
Judge Hilman
Disillusioned and aloof, 75-years old Hilman is a retired judge who gives valuable pieces of advice to his friend Dix. Considered a mentor by Jan, he’s frequently asked for help to try and reconstruct the logical development of an investigation. Since his retirement from the legal practice, Hilman, helped by the trusted Mrs. Solbens, began helping a motley crew of homeless people.