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Who is Jan Dix

My name is Jan Dix

My name is Jan Dix

An art detective, always dealing with crimes and murders tied to the artists and their works.

Dutchman Jan Dix isn’t your classic investigator.His specialty is not solving cases of murder or robbery– he looks for, recovers, buys and gives expertise on any kind of artworks, paintings, sculptures, artifacts and architectonical structures. He’s a consultant for the renowned Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, the place where is employed Annika: Jan and the girl have been living together for many years now, in a rollercoaster sort of a love story. It’s his “fiancée” to involve Dix in his researches on the museum’s behalf, sending him everywhere in the world, to look for some pieces or information about their origin and creators. Art, for Dix, is like a captivating book, that must be read to fully know the real essence of the human soul. Art works, though, have a monetary value, too, that makes them coveted. Art can be stolen, purloined, or counterfeited just like any other kind of goods. So Jan has to face thieves, killers, and kidnappers, just like all the other investigators- and sometimes he’s unwillingly forced to use his gun to save his life from ruthless enemies.