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Who is Jonathan Steele

The world of Jonathan Steele

The world of Jonathan Steele

When the adjective "multi-ethnic" acquires new meanings...

Earth, year 2011. Within the short space of one night the night between 8th and 9th October), unprecedented upheavals change life on the planet forever: millions of people, for no apparent reason, undergo physical mutations of varying type and extent, in some cases accompanied by acquisition of magic powers. Despite the investigations and studies carried out in subsequent years, no-one has managed to find out the origin of this phenomenon, and after a period of understandable panic and adaptation, life on earth has begun to proceed again with a semblance of normality. By 2020, the date at which Jonathan Steele's adventures begin, magic has more or less been accepted and now coexists with the most modern technology. So our hero finds himself having to confront magicians, elves, dragons and a kaleidoscopic panoply of creatures of the fantastic. But perhaps it is a mistake to think that magic never existed before on Earth...
The truth, hidden within human kind, is that millions of years ago magic already existed on the earth, because a balance of mystical energies had arisen between our planet and the Moon, which at that time had both an atmosphere and life. But a sudden attack by a gigantic alien creature, whose nature was likewise imbued with magic, caused widespread devastation, disrupting this balance and thereby wiping out magic from the Earth. Following this great battle, what remained of the creature was forced to go into hibernation on none other than the Moon itself, pending an awakening some day in the future. That day arrived precisely in 2011, thanks to the lunar expedition. The human presence roused the alien, which succeeded in grabbing an astronaut, but at the same time the awakening of a magic creature recreated that ancient balance once more, thereby restoring magic on the earth.