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Who is Jonathan Steele

Jasmine and Myriam

Jasmine and Myriam

Two beautiful and alluring companions who fall into adventures together. In the service of magic!

Born in Montreal from a Pakistani father and a German mother, Jasmine Rashad began to learn magic tricks from her earliest childhood onwards, under the guidance of an old aunt, who also gave her a book of spells. Now Jasmine alternates a career as a model with that of an expert in esoteric and magic arts. Behind her haughty attitude, she conceals a series of unresolved contradictions deriving from the contrast between her Muslim origins and her western education. When Jasmine decided to award priority to her activity in the field of magic, she entered into a business partnership with Myrian Leclair, and together they founded the Magic Investigation Agency, with registered office in Paris, in Rue Lagrange. During the clash with the Alien Creature that lives on the Moon, Jasmine’s book of spells was quite literally absorbed by her body, so that she is now able to recite the spells straight out.     

yriam Leclair was born in the city of Québec, in Canada; she is a free spirit, very independent-minded, and above all extremely enterprising. She has worked ever since she was an adolescent, doing a whole series of different jobs, most recently (and apparently as a result of a genuine passion for the field) as a free-lance photographer. She is aware of her appearance and her body, which is decidedly shapely and really eye-catching, and she has no qualms about using it to achieve the goals she has set herself, yet always giving the mpression of a sort of wide-eyed innocence. Basically, then, she’s a lively cheerful person, with a sunny disposition, not the kind of person who has some ghastly problem or inner dilemma gnawing away at her all the time. While working in the world of fashion, she has become acquainted with Jasmine, but they often don’t see eye to eye over things and get embroiled in quite sharp skirmishes, mainly because they have more or less opposite characters. But the magic powers Myriam has discovered she possesses (presumably inherited from a mysterious fairy who appearedto her on the night of 8 October 2011, the very same night when she first met Jonathan) induced Jasmine to take her on as a business partner. Over time, the friendship between Myriam and Jonathan blossomed into love, but the relation between the two was abruptly broken off by the clash with the Alien Creature, an event that forced Myriam to stay on the moon in order to allow magic to continue to exist. Only by resorting to this solution will she be able to rescue beloved Jonathan from the world beyond the grave.