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Who is Gregory Hunter

The world of Gregory Hunter

The world of Gregory Hunter

A parallel universe where history has taken a different turn… and in which 'Sixties Science Fiction has become a reality!

In the early 'Sixties our Earth was on the brink of World War Three: the "cold war", with its crises and its see-sawing between red-hot alerts and cooler phases of détente, made everybody scared that the nuclear holocaust could be triggered at any time. Fortunately that's not the way things eventually turned out…but perhaps there might even have been a different scenario… What would have happened if man had invented a cheap and safe way of traveling through the cosmos at more than the speed of light? Well, maybe lots of people would have quit Earth and its presumed imminent catastrophe. And that's exactly what happens in Gregory Hunter. His adventures unfold in a parallel universe in which the invention of the hyperspace engine at the beginning of the 'Sixties opened up the potential for virtually limitless expansion of mankind throughout space. And so today, in the year 2001, all the prophecies of classical science fiction have come true in that universe: monsters and space ships dominate the Space Ranger's adventures, in a constant succession of amazing events and unexpected developments.