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Who is Mark

My name is Mark

My name is Mark

Clever and uncatchable, Mark is the brave commander of the American patriots who are defending their country against the English oppressors.

To an overwhelming extent, the aura of fascination surrounding the exploits of Commander Mark and his Ontario Wolves is to be attributed to the authors- Pietro Sartoris, Dario Guzzon and Giovanni Sinchetto, collectively called EsseGesse - who must be credited with much of the appeal of this figure: for the authors have displayed amazing ability in the characterization not only of the leading man, but also of the foils populating the series.Against the background of the war fought in the second half of the Eighteenth century by the American people to defend their independence from English domination, our commander is presented to the readers as a handsome and brave man, a sturdy and invincible young man, who nonetheless does not convey any trace of the aloofness that is often generated by a protagonist's sense of superiority over the surrounding world. Mark has just the right degree of self-confidence as a hero and he instils in us a warm feeling of confidence; he has accumulated excellent experience in his field (pitched battles and uncompromising warfare against the soldiers of His Majesty the English king) and he uses his vast knowledge on every occasion and always successfully. This is why his name strikes terror and dismay in the colonialists' ranks, and there is no reward, blackmail, trick, ambush, trap or deceit that works with him…

He's a sly old fox, as elusive as a ghost. Mark seems to be immortal. Immortal as the symbols he embodies, justice and freedom. He moves together with the Ontario Wolves, a group of indomitable guerrilla fighters composed of men and women from many different places, of all ages and from all social classes, people with different histories and past lives who have joined together and are united by one single great aspiration: to fight for their right to live in freedom! They have their own chant: "The Ontario Wolves is our name/ To fight for America is our aim/ You Redcoats, tremble and shake/ Our imminent victory will make you quake!". And every time their chant echoes in the Canadian forests, their hated oppressors quake with fear!