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Who is Shanghai Devil

The world of Shanghai Devil

The world of Shanghai Devil

Shanghai, China. One of the most important seaports of the far East, where the international commercial companies' interests entwine themselves.

Shanghai, China, 1897. That’s the place where we find Ugo Pastore (the hero, and also the "heir" of the silver mask that belonged to Volto Nascosto) at the beginning of the miniseries Shanghai Devil. A particularly interesting place and historical time was chosen by Gianfranco Manfredi to tell his new saga: at the end of the 1800, Shanghai already is one of the main Asian ports, a place where the Western and Eastern cultures meet. And where they sometimes clash, due to the different tradition and customs and above all to the business – legal or not – of the many companies that fight for a dominant position in the spice and cloth trade, and also in the trade of less “noble” materials.

A few years later, climaxing in 1900, the Boxers, independentist rebels who fought with their bare hands following the teachings of the ancient martial arts schools, surge against the foreign powers who placed a foothold in the main cities and are increasingly expanding their commercial properties. At first, the uprising is aimed against the Christian missions, but it’s soon clear that it has more ambitious targets, threatening the very foundation of the Empire, already ravaged by the economic crisis and harsh dynastic struggles. It’s in this scenario that, seemingly out of the blue, a strange masked hero with a handgun enters the stage. The British call him Shanghai Devil and see him as one of their harshest enemies. The silver mask of Shanghai Devil is hiding none other than the young man from Rome, Ugo Pastore, who, faced with many injustices can only get involved, trying to right wrongs.