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Who is Lilith

My name is Lilith

My name is Lilith

A chrono-agent travelling thru the past to save humanity from a future of tragedy and destruction

Lilith is a chronoagent, who's been sent back in time by the mysterious Mandanti to kill famous historical characters, as well as common people. Her travels are not aimed to modify the course of History, but to wipe away a breed of men who are possessed by an alien parasite – called Triacanto –, a "spiromorph" that in a distant future will cause a mass slaughter on our Planet. Lilith doesn't kill randomly. There's a line that goes on through time, marking certain individuals. These individuals are unwittingly carrying the parasite; once Lilith has located it, she makes the Triacanto visible, then gives it a body and extracts it from her victims' corpses to annihilate it. The death of the spiromorph is a signal able to bend and get through the space-time to tell the Mandanti that Lilith fulfilled her duty. Every signal reveals new timelines to be traced and new “targets” to be hit. The aim here is to change the future by eliminating the carriers of the spiromorph, severing its ancestry before it can spread out of control. Changes in History occurred after these murders are just a side effect, a matter of no consequence for Lilith and her Mandanti. Lilith never gets back to her time. She's always travelling, bouncing back from an era to another. Once sent in the past, the chronoagent cannot be brought back to her "present". There's just one companion for Lilith in her adventures: Lo Scuro ("the Dark One").