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The creators of Sul Pianeta Perduto

Short biography of Antonio Serra and Paolo Bacilieri

Antonio Serra was born in Alghero on 16 February 1963 he made his first appearance in the world of publishing and fiction in the late nineteen-seventies, when he became the editor of the journal for science fiction enthusiasts "Fate largo". In 1982, at the "Il Circolo" Cultural Center of Cagliari, he met Michele Medda and Bepi Vigna, together with whom he would later set up the group that has become known in cartoon literary circles as “La Banda dei Sardi” [The Sardinian Gang]. Sharing a common passion for comics, the trio joined the "Bande Dessinèe" (together with other future authors such as Vanna Vinci and Otto Gabos), subsequently becoming professional writers in this sector, with some of the ideas they had created for Martin Mystère being scripted by Alfredo Castelli. Still working together, Medda, Serra and Vigna then created further scripts for the archeologist detective and also some for Dylan Dog. Finally, after working together on the Nathan Never and Legs Weaver project, they devoted their efforts separately to writing the scripts of the individual episodes. Serra is also on the editorial board of the series devoted to the Agenzia Alfa: Legs Weaver, Agenzia Alfa, Asteroide Argo, Universo Alfa. In 1999, the publisher Sergio Bonelli approved Serra's proposal for a new character, Gregory Hunter, that débuts at the news-stands in 2001. During the summer of ’05 the work for the project, later to be called Greystorm, begins: 12 albums mini-series created with Gianmauro Cozzi, published starting with October 2009.

Paolo Bacilieri was born in Verona, on February 23, 1965. After graduating from Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, he began his professional work in the comics world in 1982, collaborating with Milo Manara. His first story, "Il tesoro degli Imbala", appears in 1986, with text by Franco Mescola— it is published by Casterman in France and it is featured on the pages of "Corto Maltese" in Italy. In 1987, he is the writer and artist for "Storia del cazzo", then published in several countries. In 1988, also for Casterman, he creates the character Barokko, published in Italy by "Comic Art" magazine. In 1994 i creates the volume "Durasagra Venezia Uber Alles" for Edizioni R&R. He also publishes on "Blue" magazine and for Casa editrice Phoenix. Since 1999 he is one of Napoleone’s artists, and he also is a writer for the series, while, in collaboration with Franco Busatta, an editor at Sergio Bonelli Editore, he pens "Patty Paradise - Le avventure di Patty Pravo" (2000) and "Scusa, Sadik, hai visto Diabolik?-Un cocktail di fumetti neri" (2001), both published by PuntoZero. Bacilieri also published many other volumes, also for the French market, and in 2008, was co-optated to work on the new Carlo Ambrosini’s mini-series, Jan Dix.