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The creators of Sighma

A short biography of Paola Barbato and Stefano Casini

Born in Milan, on June 18 1971, Barbato lives in Verona with his partner and their daughter, Virginia. After holding many different jobs, she begins writing, with a collection of short stories, never to be published, that nonetheless excite the curiosity of Dylan Dog’s editor, Mauro Marcheselli, who asks her to try her hand on a story for the Nightmare Investigator. Her début in Dylan Dog’s horror world is in 1998, with the short album attached to the Speciale n. 12, "La preda umana", titled "Il cavaliere di sventura". On Dylan Dog’s regular series, Barbato’s first full story is a year later, with "Il sonno della ragione", followed by some 30 other adventures. She makes her début in the world of books in 2006, with the thriller "Bilico", followed in 2008 by "Mani nude". in the same year she’s the author of the third Romanzo a Fumetti Bonelli, "Sighma", with art by Stefano Casini, and also writes the storyline and collaborates to the screenplay of a fiction for Sky Tv.

Born in Livorno in 1958, Stefano Casini graduated from the “Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche” in Florence, where he ultimates his studies at the Scuola Superiore di Design Industriale. He enters his works twice at the "Premio Pierlambicchi" and works in the fashion, design and advertising worlds. He becomes working on Nathan Never in 1989, making his début with n. 3, "Operazione Drago". Later, he’s the artist also for a Dampyr story. With text by Michele Medda, Casini creates "Digitus Dei", published by Magic Press, while his first performances as a “complete” author are published in Italy and abroad, with works as "Maschere senza luce", "Il demone dell'anima", "Il buio alle spalle", "Moonlight Blues" and the "Hasta la victoria!" quadrilogy, set in Cuba during the 1950s, now still being published. In 2008, with writing by Paola Barbato, he publishes the third volume of the series Romanzi a Fumetti Bonelli, called "Sighma".