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The creators of Dragonero

A brief biography of Luca Enoch, Stefano Vietti e Giuseppe Matteoni

Born in Milan, (June 12, 1962). His career began as a graphic designer and illustrator, for both publishing and advertising houses. His professional debut was in 1991, on Fumo di China, with the fantasy story “Eliah”, while in 1992 he published the short comic story "Bersek", on L’Intrepido. After a few months he created the series "Sprayliz", for the same magazine. The  strip "Skaters" and the character "Piotr” followed. For Bonelli Editore he’s been a writer and artist of a few Legs Weaver albums, and in 1999 created the 18-issues short series Gea. He wrote “Morgana”, art by Mario Alberti, and “Rangaku”, art by Maurizio Di Vincenzo, both for the French market (published by Les Humanoïdes Associés). In 2007 Enoch publishes “Dragonero”, the first album of “Romanzi a fumetti Bonelli”, written by him and Stefano Vietti, with art by Giuseppe Matteoni.

Born in Chiari (Brescia) in 1965. In 1990, together with other comic writers from Brescia, he started the magazine Full Moon Project  (Edizioni Eden). Afterwards he was in the staff of Lazarus Ledd, by Star Comics. For Star Comics he created in 1994 the sci-fi series Hammer. Since 1995 he’s been working with Sergio Bonelli Editore, writing stories for Nathan Never, Legs Weaver, Zona X and Martin Mystère. He works also for Il Giornalino (“Yelo III”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Gray Logan”, “N.E.X.T. 02”, “Spider-Man”) and Disney, as a script for the series Kylion. In 2007 Vietti publishes “Dragonero”, the first album of “Romanzi a fumetti Bonelli”, written by him and Luca Enoch, with art by Giuseppe Matteoni.

Born in Rome, (October 24, 1969). After studying architecture he followed the classes of “Scuola Romana del Fumetto” where, after graduating, he also was a teacher. His professional debut was in 1995 for "I Grandi Miti Greci a Fumetti" (Mondadori - De Agostini). He created stories for L'Intrepido (Universo), strips and cartoons for Liberal, Aiko, and for political satire weekly Boxxer. Besides his work as a comic book artist, he is also a photographer, storyboard artist and webdesigner. He’s been working with Sergio Bonelli Editore since 2003, creating the art for "Dragonero". He’s currently a member of the staff for Gianfranco Manfredi new series, Volto Nascosto.