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An undefined future. A barren world. A single giant city. outside its walls a man awakens...

The third issue of this series, “Sighma”, takes the reader to a faraway, non-descript future, to meet a man with a thousand identities who's trying to uncover his past
An empty world. One immense City. Outside of it, the awakening of a man under an absent sun: his mind deprived of memories, his identity only hinted at by a Greek letter tattooed on his torso: "Sighma". It's the beginning of a voyage, the search for himself by a seemingly normal man, whose former existence left only disturbing traces. Who was he? Why is he able to fight like a skilled warrior? Why nothing worries or frightens him, and why nobody knows his name? The City is a maze of doubt, and Truth – provided there is one – is to be found where nobody can go…