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Who is Brad

The world of Brad Barron

The world of Brad Barron

A world shaken and torn apart by a dreadful invasion, a profoundly mutated land, which will never be the same as before...

New York, in the year 1956. It's just any ordinary day.
Life is proceeding in a real normal manner, amid the frenzied swarms of commuters making their way to work and the quiet homely activity of a mum baking an apple pie for her daughter. But the everyday routine of the big city is about to be blown apart by an incredible event: an invasion!
The amazing thing, though, is that what's about to conquer the American continent and the whole of the rest of the world is not the dreaded super-power that dominates behind the Iron Curtain: instead, it's the fleet of the Morbs, the bridge-head of an extraterrestrial empire that is eyeing planet Earth. The Morbs' eye is by no means benevolent. Quite the contrary, it is driven by the craving for dominion, by an unbridled appetite for expansion and colonizing. Our planet is not the first to undergo an attack by this war-like race.
Other inhabited celestial bodies have already experienced a Morb invasion in their own country and all of them have suffered the consequences: occupation of their main strategic areas, armed control over the entire population by alien military forces, a slow transformation of the land and the ecosystem. The Earth where Brad Barron is living is the planet which, for over a year now, has been enduring the consequences of this traumatic attack. An oppressed civilization, a population overwhelmed by the violence of the Morbs, a world whose appearance has already begun to change: not only are the great cities razed to the ground, reduced to rubble and dominated by the big black space ships of the invaders, but even the plants and animals of this earth have been "accompanied" and sometimes replaced by those brought along by the colonizers.
It's a place where progress has come to a halt, where communications have been wiped out, deliberately and strategically cut off by the conquering army. There is no longer any air transportation, either civilian or military. If any aircraft that is not a Morb craft dares to take off, it is immediately shot down by deadly alien weapons. Society as we used to know it seems to have almost completely lost its foundations and appears to be in thrall of a process of regression. At this point the planet is a No-man's-land where dread of the alien enemy seems to suppress any other feeling.