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Who is Brad

His foes

His foes

The merciless Morbs, an alien race driven only by the hunger for conquest!

The Morbs are a race of conquerors.
Their expansion into the cosmos seems to be unstoppable, and after subjugating various inhabited worlds, this time they've decided it's our Earth's turn.
Their society has a pyramid-like structure and is divided into castes: the few who have a position at the summit (army officials and scientists) dominate a base formed of simple soldiers. Their intelligence as well as their tactical and learning skills are proportional to the importance of the role they play within this structure. The soldiers are mere pawns who have limited telepathic communication faculties, whereas these powers are intensified in hierarchically superior Morbs. The Morb army moves around with the aid of gigantic mother-ships (one of these crushed Manhattan with its enormous mass and now its towering form sits atop the entire island), which are accompanied by smaller vessels that can be more easily and rapidly manoeuvred. It is rare for soldiers to move around with terrestrial means.
The troops are equipped with a ray weapon and are kitted out with guns and pistols of variable firepower.
In addition to the numerous threats Brad will find lurking and waiting to pounce on him, among the recurrent enemies who will try to thwart his search there are two real fiends:   
High Official Har-Kar
Commander of the Morb fleet entrusted with the task of taking possession of planet Earth. Arrogant, aggressive, determined to impose by force the new order dictated by the Morbs. His personal enemy is prisoner number 9, Brad Barron, who is inexplicably unwavering, far too reluctant to bow to orders and incredibly thick-skinned: inmate nr. 9 continues to withstand the experiments he's subjected to and goes on surviving the clashes with monstrous creatures he has to face in the Morb arena.

rand Master Ran-Kon
A member of the highest caste of scientists and the top scientific official of the Morb expedition. He's the one who conducts the experiments on Brad, gathering data both on the physical and psychological reactions Brad displays prior to, during and following the fights in the arena. What really annoys Ran-Kon is not being able to figure out why prisoner Number 9 doggedly withstands the tortures and harsh physical trials he's subjected to. It's important to find out what lies behind Brad Barron's steadfastness: there's a risk that his strength of mind may spread contagion to his other fellow beings…