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Who is Dampyr

The world of Dampyr

The world of Dampyr

It's ours, the everyday world torn to pieces by war and increasingly brutal deeds!

Dampyr's adventures take place in our own present day world, troubled by wars (there are at present more than forty wars taking place), from organized crime to the violence of the super-powers . Dampyr fights against visible horrors and also those lurking in hidden nooks and crannies far from reality. He lives at his friend Caleb's "Theatre of the Lost Footsteps" in the Kampa district of Prague, an abode invisible to humans. A magical and legendary city, Prague is the setting for these strange, surrealistic adventures and is Harlan and his friends' home between "missions" in a world dominated by the forces of Evil. From the gloomy Central European city to the sun-baked deserts of Africa, from the burning streets of the concrete jungle to the foggy lands in the North, Evil is everywhere, even in your own hometown.