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Who is Dampyr

Masters of the Night and vampires

Masters of the Night and vampires

Masters of the Night and un-dead: the world is their hunting ground!

Harlan's father, Draka, belongs to the race of the Masters of the Night. But why did he produce a dampyr? This is one of the questions Harlan tries to find an answer to. Part of his mission is to find out, so far during the series we have found out that Draka has his personal sense o Justice and that, in the past, he has been a dispenser of punishemnts on behalf of the Masters. He and harlan will bump into each other several times during the series, and in some episodes Draka will be the main character
Before harlan's mother, draka has sincerely fallen in love with other human women, like the beautiful Fortunata, killed by the Wehrwolfe in the six hundreds, and recently he has joined a romanian girl, Mirela. He has a special relationshp with Amber and is strictly allied with Erlik Khan, who shares his misteryous projects. In Transilvania, Draka was the mind behind the power of Vlad Dracula and his father Dracul, and with them he gave birth to the Order of the Dragon.
The unknown lair of Draka lies somewhere underground in central Asia, between Takla Makan and the Gobi Desert, and acording to some, like the secret Society of the Blue Wolves, it would coincide with the legendary palace of the “king of the world”. With his charme and undoubtable charisma, Draka benefits of the unquestioned allegiance of several un-dead such as the Tomsa carpatian army and the aviator Brumowski, but he is also highly esteemed by some human beings like professor Foster, Dolly MacLaine, Sandy O’Sullivan, Lord Byron e Mary Godwin Shelley.
Before Harlan, his natural son, he tried to “build” one similar to him, and the result was the unhappy Sir Varney. Draka is looking for artifacts that would allow him to reach parallel universes, maybe to find the long-lost World of Vampires or a world similar to that. His main foe is Lord Marsden.

Amber Tremayne, a beautiful red-head, living in Cornwall, belongs to the Masters' family, but becomes Harlan's ally, when she finds out that he's her old friend Draka's son. She has two sides to her character, the angelic little girl and the seductive woman.
She has helped Harlan in the past to defeat and imprison Kostacki, the Master of Cornwall. Also Amber's past, that sometimes surfaces in the novels of the misterious Dolly MacLaine, has peculiar traits. When, in the fifth century AC, she was known as Ambra, Queen of the Gwynedd Brits, the beautiful vampire managed (temporarily modifying her own body with her shapeshifting abilities and with the help of some longlost science) to spawn a son from the Emperor Magno Massimo: Aurelio Ambrosio, who, together with sibling Artos led the romanized Britons agaist the invading Saxons. Amber's mortal enemy is the monstrous Black Annis, Queen of Annwn.

Another female Master with whom Harlan has established a truce is the beautiful Araxe de Kercadio, who gave up violence and blood since a long time, after an event happened in the 800s that is yet to be unveiled. She has remined asleeep for almost two centuries in her loft in Paris, where she was looked after by her faithful Victor. Araxe has a century old bond with Britain where she has returned to live after the inerruption of her very long slumber

Lamiah procalimed herself Master of Berlin after defeating, with Harlan's help, the Master Sherk, who had imprisoned her for over three centuries in a grave and who was responsible for tesla's turning into one of the un-dead. She has since disappeared in order not to face a fight with Harlan

One of the most dangerous masters is Duca Nergal, working as head of the Secret Police of Hell for the dark Other Side, the hellish enemies of Caleb Lost.He leads hellish special agents like Lady Nahema, Belyalis and the Naphidim, but not Nikolaus, who openly rallyed against him.

Among the Masters, Draka senior's number one enemy is certainly Marsden, Master of London, also known in the past as the Lord of the Islands. Marsden has always kept an eye on the dampyr and appeared to him in a dream in the sixties, when young Harlan still did not know he was the son of a vampire.
Marsden is controlling NEA, National Enforcement Agency, a private detective agency with offices all around the world, and the global corporation Temsek, that manufactures and experiments weapons of any kind, including monstrous genetically engineered superwarriors. Also Marsden, like Draka before him, has tried to build a stepson, Lucius Morningstar, killed by Harlan, and he is looking for the key to access parallel worlds like Draka.
One of Marsden's un-dead, doctor Chillingworth, killed by Harlan in Napoli, was the killer of Lord Byron in Greece.

Among the Masters associated with Lord Marsden, one that created lot of trouble to our heroes is for sure Ixtlàn. After confronting him in Colombia and in Las vegas, Harlan defeated him destroying the underground base of Dreamland in the Nevada Desert, that was secretly controlled by Temsek.
Another of Marsden associates, the Condor, main organizer of several military coups in Southamerica, was killed by Dampyr in the Atacama desert, in Chile.

The first Master Harlan Draka managed to kill during his career as Dampyr is Gorka, who was operating with his pack in the war in Bosnia and had Tesla among his un-dead slaves. Gorka killed Yuri, the young boy that was leading Harlan in the Balcan region, during his tenure as false dampyr.

The beautiful and proud Bastet, Master of Torino, got her name from the Egyptian cat-goddes ad lives with a group of beautiful 'groupies' that willingly give her their blood. She has started a truce with Dampyr after jointly defeating the evil professor Calderbech.

Most important ally of Draka in his misterious quests is Erlik Khan, named after the god of dead of central Asia Shaman culture
Under the name of Hellequin, he leads a dark army of the un-dead made up of elilte warriors from all ages. This army was last seen fighting in 1945 in Poland and also recently appeared i Britain. Another of Erlik's human aliases is that of Hugo Markham, writer and scholar of religions and etnologies.
Under the guise of Jonas, secretary and butler of Markham, hides Kagyr Khan, inferior creature of the world of the Masters, who is Erlik's mate and servant, and can also appear as hell-steed or monstrous hound

Vathek, Master operating in Africa, was confronted by Dampyr in Namibia, where he controlled the diamond regions, and in Angola, where he tried to re-ignite a twenty year old regional conflict. Legend has it that it was him, two thousand years ago, the lover of Nawidemak, queen of Kush and, centuries later, the Great Emir leading nubia's muslim countries. After an eight year long hunt, Harlan catches up with him, and kills him in his secret refuge, the undergrounds of the lost Oasis of Zerzura, in the Sahara desert.

Count Magnus, un-dead appearing in Norway before falling into Harlan and Tesla's aim, also inspired a famous novel by Montague Rhodes James.
He wanted to steal the body of beautiful Astrid Dahl to give it as a gift to his loved, but already rotten, Lucretia, who was damned with a spell by Queen Cristina of Sweden. Their plan failed and the two evil lovers are now dust, but the identity of the master who transformed Magnus into an un-dead is still unknown.

One of Ixtlàn un-dead, surviving his Master's demise, notorious gangster Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel is still around, now indipendent and free to pursue his criminal activities

Another historical charater, the polish aviator Godwin Brumowski, one of WW1 aces of the air for the AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN EMPIRE, is, in his vampire incarnation, a faithful associate of Master Draka, friend of Vera Bendix and tolerated by Harlan, Tesla e Kurjak. During WW2 he was a British intelligence Agent for SOE, serving under Major Foster.

A Master in love with Cinema, and a movie director himself, transforming his own un-dead into famous cinema monsters, Alexis Musuraka was defeated by Dampyr in Amsterdam, when his “Murnau Bioscope”, a damned cinema, burned to the ground together with all of his dark movies

Count Gabor Vlatna fought for millenia against Draka for the ownership of Dacia first and Transilvania later. After finally defetaing him and having himkilled by his son Harlan (Masters canot kill each other), Draka has transformed Vlatna Castle into a horror themed amusement park, Dracula Park.

Sir Francis Varney was transformed into an un-dead by Draka, who tried to give him some of the powers of the Masters of the night, like the capability to create other vampires and to be unaffected by the light of the sun, considering him a bit like a favorite student and a stepson.
But the experiment partly fails and Varney escapes from the loved/hated Draka. After plaguing doctor John Polidori, the tragical and tormented vampire takes his life by throwing himself into the pit of mount Vesuvius