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Who is Dampyr

Friends and Allies

Friends and Allies

companions, women, guardian angels and forces of good....

Caleb Lost, the enigmatic director of the "Theatre of the Lost Footsteps", a place that appears and disappears in the fog of the Kampa island in Prague, belongs to the mysterious race of the Amesha, agents of the Good. Caleb has several informers scattered around the globe that constantly feed him useful intel for vampire and other evil creatures hunting.
Among these, Hans Milius, Professor of the History of Popular Tradition at the University of Freiburg, Reykjavik's bishop, Don Raffaele in Naples, Arno Lotsari the “Medical Team”'s nurse and many others. His worse enemy is not Nikolaus, agent in Prague for the 'Other Side', but Nergal, the head of hell's secret police, with whom, since almost one million years he has a score to settle.
During his free time Caleb Lost plays the violin like an angel and sets up works of Mozart and Hoffenback for crowds of supernatural beings.He enrolled Dampyr and his crew to hunt down the Masters of the Night and, in order to save Harlan from the superpowerful Thorke, he temporarily left his Prague base, going against the laws of Equilibrium.
The other Amesha are ubiquitous and elusive creatures that take the form of a blinding light.Harlan met a few of them in human guise and the most recurring one is Anyel Zant, agent of Good in NorthAmerica.

Nikolaus is a likeable but ambigious character  who is able to evoke spirits.He lives in Prague, on the shores of the Devil's Creek, and he hangs out at a phantom brewery, the “Green Eagle”.
He has known Caleb since time immemorial and is his friendly but unloyal rival.Although he is one of the forces of Evil, after centuris of co-existence with humans he is interested in maintaining the “status quo” and has often worked together with Harlan, also saving him from the malicious effects of the Devil's Elixir with which Sonderling, one of Nergal's agents had poisoned Harlan.
Nik is capable of evioking the spoks, specters that still possess some remains of a souls, and in the past, when he was the lover of the Prague fortune-teller Madame de Thèbe and frequented the writers of Caffè Arco, he was himself a writer of fantasy novels.
amoung the Prague characters we cannot forget the crow Kavka, living in the Obrazek bookshop, Nestore the hamster and the bibliophyle Alfonso Saugrènes.

The Three Aunts, who raised and protected the orphan Harlan when he was a kid, are the mysterious and supernatural Guardians of the Law of Equilibrium.
They can appear both as old women of an undescribable age or as three gorgeus young women. Their names: Chloe, Vivien, Aysha.

Hans Milius is the most active amongst Caleb Lost's external informers. He is Professor of the History of Popular Tradition at the University of Freiburg, in the Black Forest. Milius has a very patient wife, Esther, that tolerates his delays and distractions. The likeable professor has followed Harlan in some of his adventures, sometimes together with his ex-pupil Sophie Mutter.

Some members of “Medical Team”, an organization of first line physicianc in war zones, like Cecenia, Angola, and Sudan, are the french doctor Michel Dast, the beautiful american doctor Megan Ryan and the finnish nurse Arno Lotsari, who is one of Caleb Lost's informers that has a new girlfriend, so to speak, “in any harbour”.

Met by Harlan when he was posing as professor and vampirology expert at the University of Freiburg and she was still a student, Sophie Mutter has a natural predisposition for supernatural since when her father nominated her custodian of the terrible grimoir “De Profundis”. After graduating in anthropology, she first becomes Milius' assistant and later works with Angelo Sanna, professor from Sardinia, and moves to live with him in cagliari. But the beautiful Sophie still has a crush on Harlan, who often saved her from horrible supernatural dangers and with whom she had a tormented relationship.

Another of Harlan's flames is the platinum blonde belgian police woman Hanneke, who lives in Gand. Deeply in love with Harlan, the beautiful Hanneke ignores his identity and thinks him to be a writer specializing in occult.

The berliner Ann Jurging is a seer. When she was still a kid she survived an encounter with diabolical Helena Morkov, the Witch Queen, whose ballet school she was attending.
Several years later, with Harlan's help, she defeated her on a island in the Aegean Sea.Since then she has put her psychic powers at the disposal of our three heroes. Following an adventure in the mysterious "House at the edge of the world", Ann has grown thirty years younger!
In some cases related to ghosts and the like, Harlan has fought side by side with the ghost hunting squad of the University of York in England. Led by the parapsychologist Chad Halloway, the team counts among its members young Nicole Simmons, the medium and psychic Maud Nightingale, history professor Fred
s, a friend of Milius, and the dog Thor. some of these ghost hunters help in Harlan's adventures even individually.
In London, a group of our heroes' friends actively participates to the investigations to discover the lair of Lord Marsden, London's Master of the Night and Draka's sworn enemy
Among them young archeologist Matthew Shady, who inadvertently unearthed the Black Sygil and opened the road for the monstrous creatures of Annwn, enemies of Amber Tremayne, and self-styled vampire hunters Dean Barrymore and Jack Tarrant, who during the sixties became famus for hunting the mysterious “Vampire of Highgate”.

In London also lives the ninety year old Vera Bendix, ex-secret agent of SOE, Social Operations Executive, who, during World War Two, was involved in the fight against the Fifth Column of the nazi-simpathizer De Vere family,  and in Prague, worked together with Caleb and Nikolaus in the fight against the emissaries of Nergal. Nowadays the old Vera has met Harlan when he, together with Draka's emissary, vampire Godwin Brumowski, was heading towards Castle De Vere in scotland, and helps him in the fight against the Blue Wolves and the search for Professor Foster and Dolly Mac Laine.

Dolly Mac Laine is the writer of scottish pulp novels, several of which, both published and unpublished, under the guise of romance and adventures novels, contain real elements from the past of some of the Masters of the Night, in particular Amber and Draka.
Dolly was never seen in the series becasue she has misteriously vanished into nothing several years ago.
Two characters of her novels, that existed in real life, professor Edward Foster (who was a british spy in both world wars and heading a section of SOE during WW2 with Brumowski and Vera as members of his team), and his pupil-flame-adversary Sandy O’Sullivan, IRA's irish patriot, disappeared in the same way more than half a century ago.Harlan believes he saw them, in one of his visions, still alive in his father's Draka mysterious house situated underground in Central Asia.

In Paris, reign of sleeping vampire Araxe, lives Victor, a poet and anarchist of the eistentialist generation, now old, who faithfully protected for decades the slumber of his loved vampire and opened a freedom book shop together with Anne Marais, saved by Harlan in a cursed subway station.

In Marrakesh, Morocco, live Mulawa the blind seer and his aide and adopted nephew, Khaled the kid demon, who work with Caleb and Harlan in the fight against the Black dimension's incursions in our realm.

In Las Vegas, private investigator Lenny Meyer and police detective Jim Fajella have helped Harlan and his friends in the fight against diabolical Ixtlàn, a Master of the Night allied with Lord Marsden. Now that Meyer has been re-hired by the police corps and Fajella has beome a vampire, their investigation goes on to uncover NEA's (ational Enforcement Agency) intrigues and find the dangerous un-dead Bugsy Siegel.
Duncan McGillivray a famous scottish folk violin player, who, for some misterous belief, does not record albums. Currently his favourite pupil is young  Stuart Morison, who was kidnapped as a little boy by Scotland fairy folk and will soon discover he still has a privileged relationship with the Price of Elves himself.

The Icelander paintress Gudrun Finngadottir is a follower of Asatru, the cult of ancient northerrn gods like Thor and Odin. In Harlan e Kurjak, Gudrun sees the reincarnation of two ancient icelander warriors, destined to help her in the fight against the Evil that sometimes surfaces from the depths of the ice island.

Bobby Quintana
an anti-narc policeman from Medellìn, Colombia. In the fight against drug traffickers head by Ixtlàn he saw his mother getting killed. Now he is one of Harlan and Kurjak's best friends, ready to enter the arena with them.