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Who is Dampyr

Harlan Draka

Harlan Draka

Half human, half vampire, he wages war on the multifaceted forces of Evil!

According to old Slavonic folklore, the dampyr is the offspring of a woman and a vampire. Half human and half alien, it is the only creature that can kill archvampires or Masters of the Night, their entourage of undead and other inhabitants of the darkness which infest our world and other planets. Harlan Draka is a dampyr. But in the beginning he doesn't realise it. He knows he was born during the last World War and that, for reasons unknown to scientists, his body ages very slowly - Harlan seems to be no more than twenty five. He knows his mother died giving birth to him and that his father was an enemy soldier. It is during a ruthless war in which mercenaries led by Kurjak force him to join up to overcome savage alien forces, that Harlan Draka finds out he's a dampyr, gifted with remarkable powers.   
And so he discovers his father was the offspring of the Masters of the Night. Although he's troubled by strange nightmares and his mysterious past, Harlan is tough. Disillusioned, sometimes cynical and sarcastic, he's basically an idealist and romantic, sworn to devoting his life to defeating the offspring of the darkness and the Evil which rules the world. And during his mission he often comes up against his father Draka with whom he has a love-hate relationship.