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The creator of Julia

A short biography of Giancarlo Berardi

GIANCARLO BERARDI, born in Genoa on 15 November 1949, made his début as a comic book writer by working on such series as "Tarzan", "Silvestro" and "Diabolik". After obtaining his degree, he devoted his work entirely to comics and created texts for "Il Piccolo Ranger" and the stories of "Terre maledette" and "Wyatt Doyle", published in the Rodeo Series. "Tiki", his first series created together with the illustrator Ivo Milazzo, appeared in 1976, followed, in 1977, by "Ken Parker", his most successful character, exported to 13 different countries worldwide. In the same year he created "Welcome to Springville", together with the illustrator Renzo Calegari. This was followed by "L'uomo delle Filippine", and detective Marvin. In 1986 he wrote the script for some episodes of "Sherlock Holmes", illustrated by Giorgio Trevisan. Then he created "Oklahoma", an hors-series Tex story, and an episode of Nick Raider (nr. 18: "Mosaico per un delitto", and the short stories gathered together in "Fantasticheria" and "Luci e ombre". After starting up "Tom's Bar" and "Giuli Bay & Co.", in 1989, he became one of the founders of the Parker Press, which not only reprinted old episodes of Ken Parker but also produced new ones for the "Ken Parker Magazine". The same formula was continued by the publisher Sergio Bonelli up to 1996, after which the series returned to the "Bonellian" format, appearing every six months, eventually closing in 1998. Since October 1998, Berardi, - pictured above, in a portrait by Milazzo - has been the author and editor of Julia, a new monthly graphic novel by the publisher Sergio Bonelli. Among the numerous recognitions of merit with which he has been honored, mention should be made of the Oesterheld Prize, the Premio Internacional Barcelona de Comics, the Haxtur and the Yellow Kid.