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Who is Brendon

His Foes

His Foes

Ruthless, cruel, mysterious : they are the monsters that Brendon must beat!

The scarecrow on the shark is a fairytale character from the stories of the desert nomads. It's a ghost that roams about at night looking for the souls of the vanquished which it gives to the shark to eat. In the town of Erewhon, this ancient, terrifying character shoots up into the sky at dusk in search of its victims.

Trevanian lives in Arkhem, a town in old Dorset. He's an alchemist dressed in black, like the old Pilgrim Fathers of the Mayflower: he studies new energy sources such as underground steam, so as to bring it into the post-catastrophe cities. He's a brilliant man, but also mad and violent, and he's in the habit of killing people. But one day a man «reads» the horrors in his mind, immortalizing them in bloody, frenzied paintings. Trevanian has him killed by an elf on a flying wooden dragon, similar to Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine. Then Brendon arrives in Arkhem...  

Andy is one of the weirdest creatures that inhabits Brendon's world. He's a funny-looking character, short with black eyes, a long, pointed nose and a reptile-like tongue. Dressed in a bow-tie and tails, he looms out of the darkness heralded by the persistent jingling of his sleigh-bells. But Andy isn't a harmless joker but a fiendish son of darkness, who incites the «natural born killer» Malcolm to murder. "When you kill", Andy tells the lunatic Malcolm, "you give more love than you can ever imagine... and love and death is the favorite food of Darkness. IT loves you, Malcolm…and they'll never abandon you".    

The Black Moon is a sect that's not completely well-defined, which thinks of the supernatural as a source of power and will do anything to achieve this power. The sect's high-priests wear individual masks which testify to the presence, within the Black Moon, belief, of a mixture of animistic religions and popular beliefs from the Old Age. It is said that their followers want to awaken a  black, ghost serpent made from the blood of the Elders who caused the Great Dark Age and the beginning of the New Age. If the serpent were to be aroused, the Black Moon would become so powerful that it could create a new energy source triggering another apocalypse. The followers of the Black Moon are also continually looking for a time capsule, a vast underground library containing all past knowledge: thousands of books about the main scientific discoveries of the Old Age and instructions on how to carry them out right from the start. In other words, the capsule contains Knowledge, an incomparable form of power. It's precisely this hunt for the time capsule which leads the Black Moon's killers to cross paths with Brendon and his family, changing him forever during one bloody, tragic night…

Skarr is the most ruthless of the members of the Black Moon, blinded by his faith in his sect, by his thirst for blood and his mission (to rediscover a knife with magic powers). Skarr is tall, powerfully built, dressed in a black, studded, leather coat. He lost his left eye in a battle and he has replaced it with a glass eye which disfigures his face, giving him an even more threatening, frightening appearance. His favourite weapon is a sickle which symbolizes Skarr's membership of the sect. Over the years this ruthless killer meets Brendon several times and has a decisive effect on the knight's fate.
Arzhel is an angel from the "Other World" who tries to help the 'forgetful ones', people who don't know they are dead. His task is to find these people and help them to remember the moment they died and then go with them to the "Other World"...

The Carriage of Fear arrives at night, takes people away and then disappears into thin air. Perhaps it is Fate, perhaps Death...It is driven and inhabited by small people who are bald with emaciated bodies and very long fingers. They seize their victims in order to feed them to their terrifying mother, Meg. She is a very tall, fat woman, who's always worrying that her hair is much too lank for her ever to be able to find her Prince Charming. Then one day the Carriage of Fear crosses Brendon's path...