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Who is Brendon

Christopher and Falstaff

Christopher and Falstaff

The sole companions of the lone hero: an android friend and a faithful steed.

Christopher is the mechanical house-keeper who lives in Brendon's castle, a  robot similar to a marionette that works on solar energy. It is said that this little robot, one of the few wonders of technology surviving from the beginning of the Great Dark Age, is supplied with a special circuit which gives it a sort of independent personality. Brendon found him among the rubble of what had once been a large scientific laboratory, in the city today known as London, the old capital of the United Kingdom. Because Christopher was built to do the housework he's extremely house proud and an excellent chef. He spends a part of his day dusting the hundreds of objects gathered in Brendon's manor house, another part cooking complicated dishes with invented names, and the rest of the day he spends trying, unsuccessfully, to persuade Brendon to eat them. 

Falstaff is Brendon's charger, a black horse with a white star on his forehead. He goes with our hero on his adventures. In the world disrupted by the disaster horses have again become the only means of transport. Strong and swift, Falstaff has been Brendon's companion since he was a boy. Obtained by barter, with the intention of using him to plow the fields around the family home, the horse is now his inseparable traveling companion and friend during his missions.