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Who is Brendon

The world of Brendon

The world of Brendon

A ruthless, fierce world, a new period of Middle Ages arising from the "Great Dark Age".

It is set in a new period of the Middle Ages in the near future, a violent age strongly influenced by the supernatural. But how did the passage from the present day come about? Think back to the year 2029 in the old Age - a huge asteroid is coming threateningly close to the Earth. The large corporations that rule the world get a plan ready to stop the celestial body and to save the planet. The only way to avoid disaster is to change the enormous rock's course by bombarding it with missiles launched from satellites into geo-stationary orbit. Amid scenes of panic among the common people and with mass hysteria spreading, followers and priests of the Black Moon Sect celebrate  rites so that the apocalypse will take place. For them, the asteroid is the materialization of Evil, the messenger of chaos and violence which will give birth to a new order and era on the Earth. The corporations' plan fails and there is total disaster on the planet. 
The dust and ashes thrown up from the impact cloud the sky over, stopping the sun's rays from filtering through the atmosphere. The Earth is wrapped in a never-ending night and is frozen up, a victim to a terrible famine that leads to the exhaustion of all its energy sources and the outbreak of violence and anarchy which last for a whole year. In books of the New Age this period is defined as "The Great Dark Age". As a result of this event, the world fell into a sort of Middle Ages; the disaster made the land barren and disrupted the climate. In that which is now known as New England, the disaster was followed by almost seventy years of struggling for survival, during which most people forgot about the scientific discoveries made during the Old Age. Gradually the climate settled down again and along the rivers the land became fertile once more and civilization began to flourish again. In the year 68 after the Great Dark Age, a woman, Regina, founded New hope, a small community in the county of Norfolk, on the River Ouse. Soon new towns modeled on New Hope grew up. New Hope became the capital of New England. Brendon's environment is now rich and varied. But we see old cities like London, by now ghost-like, desolate heaths, where madmen, murderers and lonely ghosts roam; arid land inhabited by nomads and mutants; small, dark, eerie cities lit only by oil lamps and whipped by pestilential,  suffocating winds. Brendon's world is inhabited by strange, weird creatures, like the nomads of the desert: short-sighted, deaf and dumb, they speak a primitive guttural language and have built their own culture based on legends they narrate. And there are also arachnids, huge man-eating spiders with a half-human appearance, and other creatures which come out at night to feed on the common people. In this cruel, hostile world every person's aim is survival!