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Who is Zagor

The world of Zagor

The world of Zagor

On the old frontier lies Darkwood, the land of adventure, where anything is possible!

Darkwood is an imaginary forest and a borderline region of fantasy, where anything can happen, from Indian revolts to extraterrestrial invasions, and where, in addition to the usual inhabitants such as Indians and trappers, you can find thugs, Eskimo bandits, vampires, werewolves, witches and every type of unsettling character on loan from all sorts of adventures.

A dreamland that offers infinite possibilities to those looking for astonishing adventures, whereboredom never sets foot! From a strictly geographic point of view, Darkwood is situated near the old American frontier in the first ten years of the 18th century, near the Great Lakes and Canada. Even though he lives permanently in Darkwood, a place that potentially holds an entire universe of adventurous situations (from the tropical forest to the scorched deserts), Zagor and Cico do not shrink from facing long journeys, when it is necessary for the plot.

Sometimes on the Golden Baby, sometimes traveling alone, our heroes, in addition to having seen the greater part of the United States, have crossed boundless seas, and reached exotic and distant countries like Mexico, Greenland, Scotland and even Africa…What's more, thanks to his travels, Zagor has come into contact with survivors of forgotten civilizations like those of the Vikings, or the prehistoric civilizations of Atlantis and Mu.