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Who is Zagor

His friends

His friends

Cico, Tonka, Digging Bill and other extraordinary characters.

Cico (his full name is Cico Cayetano Lopez Martinez y Gonzales) is Zagor's best friend and his main companion in adventure. Funny, plump, a born muddler,
some would say an unlikely assistant to a hero like Zagor. In spite of being any thing but brave, Cico follows Zagor everywhere, like a real faithful friend:occasionally he has got him out of trouble, but more often than not, with his absent-mindedness, has also got Zagor into trouble! This is the comical element of the saga, featuring rapid and side-splitting gags. Cico could be considered as the Mexican version in flesh and blood of Donald Duck, with his blind misfortune and eternal hunger.

Tonka, Zagor's blood brother, is a bold and wise Mohawk leader, on whose side Zagor has often battled against threats that put the existence of Darkwood in danger, such as the gigantic robot built by the mad scientist Hellingen or the white exploiters' conspiracy to make people believe they were the Gods of the Iroquoians.

Trappers Doc Lester and Pablo Rochas, protagonists of jovial drinking and epic punch-ups in their spring rendezvous, are also Zagor's faithful friends, ready to give up their lives for him. Friends like Satko, the young Cherokee law graduate who defends the Indians in court; Lupo Grigio, the Comanche leader at odds with the Texas Rangers; Manetola, the Seminole leader rebelling against the American  army; Liberty Sam, the fugitive black slave; Captain Honest Joe, who ploughs through the Northern Seas with his merchant ship; Lord Fraser, the courageous Arctic explorer...

In his adventures at sea Zagor is accompanied mostly by the crew of the Golden Baby, the whaling-boat of Captain Fishleg, a white-haired wise old sea-dog who commands a varied and picturesque crew of adventurers of all races and countries: Zarkoff, the fair-haired athletic Russian; Ramath, the thin Bengali Fakir with the hypnotic gaze and extraordinary extrasensory powers; Tarawa, the Melanesian cannibal; Orsovic, the gigantic Albanian helmsman; Gaston, the ship's cook skilled in French cuisine, and many others, among whom the occasional appearance of the blonde Virginia, granddaughter of the Captain, who has a teenage crush on Zagor.

Not all Zagor's friends are as heroic and upright as those mentioned above. A characteristic of the series is the existence of many figures who are torn between good and evil. Among these "friends" one should not overlook Guitar Jim, the young minstrel robber who wanders round the West with a pistol hidden in his guitar, and Andrew Cain, a fanatic monster and witch  hunter, who fights against the Demons in the secret dimension of the other world and against the necromancer magicians from the Kush African territory.
Other friends are suspended between the serious and the comical. They can be protagonists of "serious"adventures, but, like Cico, they also feature in comical gags to relieve the tension.

Among these bizarre, eccentric characters is Digging Bill, the treasure hunter who never finds any cache or booty despite searching all over the place.
There is Captain Kidds and Jean Lafittes; Bat Batterson, an amateur detective with limited insight; Icaro La Plume, an odd inventor of flying machines; the Count of Lapalette, a noble thief forever penniless; Trampy, a vagabond who earns his pocket money in thousands of comical ways and means…
Zagor's women, other than the above mentioned Virginia, are the noble Austrian Frida Lang, who has never stopped loving Zagor ever since the moment he rescued her from a KiowaIndians attack in the prairies; the gambler Gambit, an adventurer with a stormy past; and Marie Laveau, an attractive voodoo witch who wants to restore Songhay, the lost African Empire, in the marshes of Louisiana; Ilenia Varga, a 15th century lady, a friend/enemy of Zagor's, turned into a vampire by Rakosi