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Who is Tex

His pards

His pards

His son Kit, the Indian Tiger Jack, Ranger Kit Carson. Together these three are genuine hell-raisers!

A scout, a gunman, a gambler, a guy who hunted Indians, a Texas Ranger... the real Kit Carson was all this and more. A controversial hero who should not be confused with our Kit Carson (who's much more good-natured and less cynical!). You shouldn't be misled by his pointed beard and graying hair: Carson is still a real ace with his pistol, nimble and swift. His brilliant dialogues with Tex, in which Tex calls him an "old camel" and ironises about his no longer being in the first flush of youth, are truly memorable. As a staunch admirer of the fair sex, in the past Carson had a fantastic love affair with beautiful Lena, who has a long-standing relationship with Raymond Clemmons, the head of the "Innocents" gang and Tex's best friend. 

Tiger Jack is a Navajo Indian, a faithful friend of Tex's, who is a real sharp shot with a pistol, an excellent tracker and who knows how to use a tomahawk. He has the most incredible physical stamina and can withstand extremes of fatigue, cold and heat. His great love, Tania, has been killed by a Mexican criminal, Don Liborio Torres. Tex's son, Kit Willer is very much like his father. He's an excellent horse-rider and marksman but he's slightly overshadowed by the figure of such a legendary father (Kit is a swell guy, but he'll never be the same as his father). The Indians call him Little Hawk.