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Un uomo un avventura

Un uomo un avventura

This is a luxury series in color, based on a project of the publisher Sergio Bonelli (with Decio Canzio as editor) designed to demonstrate the narrative and graphic potential of a medium, namely comic strips, so often cold-shouldered by "high-brow" criticism. Each album, created by the greatest Italian illustrators and script-writers (with the occasional presence of foreign authors), addressed a different historical period, describing it through the adventures of a man who becomes the symbol of the era and place in which the given story is set. Starting out from this perspective, thirty albums were composed, clearly showing that when comics are supported by adequate resources, they constitute a medium that is not only capable of addressing extremely serious themes (as in the album "L'Uomo del Sud", devoted to brigandage, by Alarico Gattia, to mention just one), but can also broaden its horizons and look towards new graphic and narrative approaches, as was the case in "L'Uomo della Somalia" by Hugo Pratt, or in "L'Uomo di Canudos" by the Brazilian writer Jô Oliveira. Among other albums of great interest within this series, mention should certainly be made of those by Attilio Micheluzzi "L'Uomo del Tanganyka" and "L'Uomo del Khyber"), which gave an exceptionally precise reconstruction of the environment, and those by the great Sergio Toppi ("L'Uomo del Nilo", "L'Uomo del Messico", and "L'Uomo delle paludi"), whose "open" page allowed the mind to range beyond the confines of the illustrated page. Other significant contributions include the work of Giancarlo Berardi and Ivo Milazzo, who gave a fine portrayal of the revolt in the Philippines in 1902, and that of Bonvi, with a rather unusual chronicle of the battle of Tsushima between Russia and Japan in 1905. And one cannot fail to mention the work by Gino D'Antonio, sometimes as sole creator - for instance in "L'Uomo del Deserto" - and at times with the assistance of Ferdinando Tacconi ("L'Uomo del Deserto" and "L'Uomo di Rangoon"), with Guido Buzzelli ("L'Uomo del Bengala") or with Renato Polese ("L'Uomo di Pechino") were actually some of the best stories of those years. Other prestigious names appearing within the series are Aurelio Galleppini ("L'Uomo del Texas"), Guido Crepax ("L'Uomo di Pskov" and "L'Uomo di Harlem"), Milo Manara ("L'Uomo delle nevi"), Giancarlo Alessandrini ("L'Uomo di Chicago", Fernando Fernandez ("L'Uomo di Cuba"), Enric Siò ("L'Uomo delle Piramidi") and Robert Gigi ("L'Uomo del Giappone"). For the sake of completeness, it is appropriate also to mention the issues containing "L'Uomo del Klondike" (Gattia) and another three fascinating stories by Pratt: "L'Uomo del Sertão", "L'Uomo dei Caraibi", and "L'Uomo del Grande Nord". Finally, a mention of the two issues containing "L'Uomo della Legione" and "L'Uomo del New England", highly polished works by the unforgettable Dino Battaglia.