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A character created in 1950 by the script-writer Roberto Renzi, with artwork by Augusto Pedrazza, Akim is a "tarzanid" who, for years, was the mainstay of the publications of the Tomasin press. After surviving a shipwreck that causes the death of his father (Count Rank, the British consul in Calcutta), little Jim finds himself alone with his mother, lost in an unknown land. His mother is then killed by a panther, while the little child is rescued by a gorilla, who brings him up as if he were its own offspring. After this decidedly "Burroughsian" beginning, Akim grows up but is still faithfully accompanied by the gorilla Kar and the little monkey Zig. He then faces all sorts of adventures and has to contend with mad scientists, ruthless hunters, monstrous and terrible spies. The characterizing element of this story is the fact that the animals in the comic "talk" just like humans (although Akim is the only one who can understand them). This series was quite successful abroad (in particular in France), and was continued in Italy in 1976 by the Altamira publishing house (which later merged with Sergio Bonelli Editore). The same creative team was maintained unchanged, and was joined by Pini Segna, who contributed a special freshness of graphic design. In this renewed series, Akim's origins were modified, representing our hero as the sole survivor of an air crash; this marked the beginning of a "historic" character of Italian comics, who is still remembered affectionately by many eager fans. The new series came to an end in 1980, after forty-eight issues, at which point the character was ceded to the Quadrifoglio press, which continued the series up to issue number 84.