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Collana Rodeo

Collana Rodeo

The Collana Rodeo set of publications has the great merit (which could without exaggeration be called "historic", at least in the framework of Italian comics) of having presented some of the best comics ever published in Italy. In addition to the grandiose Storia del West (which will be described in further detail below), the Collana Rodeo albums included the reprints of some cult stories (such as Gordon Jim, Il Sergente York, Un ragazzo nel Far West) and a number of stories never published before. Among the latter, several rather unusual albums created by G. L. Bonelli deserve a special note. First and foremost, the science fiction story Judok, a sort of "Tex in Space", wonderfully illustrated by Giovanni Ticci, and then the fine detective series "Rick Master", whose protagonist is a likeable late nineteenth-century American detective, for which the artwork was created initially by Letteri and then later by Tarquinio. Turning to other stories, an interesting case among previously unpublished characters is that of Joselito, written and illustrated by Armando Monasterolo. Joselito Herralde is a young torero who, together with the likeable journalist Nick Dundee, finds himself caught up willy-nilly in the Mexican revolution. The series with Joselito as the protagonist continued for a total of seven issues. The Collana Rodeo also featured a number of extremely interesting stories that were self-contained within a single album. Here are a few of the most significant examples: "Il mestiere di spia", a spy story written by Andrea Mantelli and illustrated by Roberto Diso,; "L'esploratore scomparso", an album drawing its inspiration from the search for Livingstone, written by Decio Canzio and illustrated by Alfio Ticci; "Wyatt Doyle", a western story with a script by Giancarlo Berardi and artwork by Giovanni Forgiarini; "Requiem per un legionario", also by Andrea Mantelli, with artwork by Renato Polese. Worthy of note is also the story "L'astronave perduta", a wonderful science fiction adventure, written by Giorgio Pezzin and illustrated by Luigi Corteggi, who for years was the highly competent art-director of Sergio Bonelli Editore. To conclude, two final citations: the stories "La ferita da un milione" and "Guadalcanal", both of which appeared as an appendix to the reprint of Yuma Kid, illustrated by the great Hugo Pratt and written by the Argentinean script-writer Hector Oesterheld.