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Il Comandante Mark

Il Comandante Mark

A French merchant vessel sinks off the Atlantic coast of North America, and only a boy and an old man survive. Given a fraternal welcome by the Indians, the pair live with them for many years. Growing up with the name of Mark and called "Wolf" by the Native Americans, the hero of this series, in adulthood, embraces the causes of the American rebels in their struggle against the English domination. A large number of colonists cluster around him, all eager to fight the hated Redcoats, and they set up a sort of small irregular army that becomes known as the "Lupi dell'Ontario" ['Ontario Wolves'], commanded by the courageous Mark. The protagonist is surrounded by several interesting supporting figures: the pessimist Gufo Triste, the massive Mister Bluff and Marks' eternal fiancée, Betty. But the dog Flok deserves a special mention as one of the most successful comic elements of these stories. The series, whose reprints are achieving notable success even today, was a creation of the team Giovanni Sinchetto/Dario Guzzon/Pietro Sartoris, the famous EsseGesse trio who were by now highly experienced. Its enduring popularity shows that a well orchestrated product of constant quality is a perfect recipe for long-lasting popularity.