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In a future in which robots have taken over the reins of power, during a period of lethargy and absent-mindedness of the human race - the latter having become too used to letting the automata get on with everything - we come upon Magnus, a young man educated by 1A, a sort of "philosopher" robot that is against the tyrannical rule of its fellow-robots. Trained by 1A to fight against the automata, Magnus has the ability to mentally sense the robots' radio messages in his mind, and he has hands which, thanks to intensive karate lessons, are even capable of destroying steel. His adventures struggling against all sorts of wicked robots, written by Paul Newman and graphically portrayed with splendid illustrations by a particularly effective Russ Manning, appeared in the pages of the seventeen Collana Oceano albums, published at first by the Editrice Junior press and later by Edizioni Araldo. As an appendix to this series, another science fiction series (again an American production, and also illustrated by Russ Manning) is worth noting: "Aliens", based on the meeting between a terrestrial space ship and one manned by aliens.