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Lobo Kid

Lobo Kid

During the War of Secession, a group of bandits disguised as Yankee soldiers launch an attack on the Clayton estate, killing its owners. Only the young Larry survives, thanks to the help of the Comanche Yagor, to whom he had temporarily offered hospitality. After growing up among the Indians, Larry returns to the world of the white man to punish his uncle Fred, who masterminded the bloodbath. The script by G. L. Bonelli is as exciting as ever, and is brilliantly supported by Loredano Ugolini's highly personal style of illustration. The adventure, which remained incomplete in the first publication (as an appendix to the new Furio series), was completed by Glauco Verozzi on the occasion of the reprinting of the Collana Rodeo. The forced happy ending prevented Larry Clayton from becoming (as had been planned) a "desperado" called… Lobo Kid!