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Il giudice Bean

Il giudice Bean

The Giudice Bean stories - a brief and rather unusual series that tell the adventures of the legendary judge who defined himself as "the only law west of Pecos", of the judge's grand-son Danny and his fat pard Sam - was actually Guido Nolitta's first experience in the guise of a script-writer, despite its date of publication. As you all know by now, Nolitta is actually the publisher Sergio Bonelli, who decided to use a nom-de-plume in order to avoid mix-ups and mistaken identities (I didn't want my father, G. L. Bonelli, with all his years of work and professional expertise, to be mistaken for a mere beginner", ipse dixit). In any case, after a period of training and practice (of which "Il Giudice Bean" represents an example), Sergio Bonelli's talent blossomed, and he achieved enormous success with characters such as Zagor and Mister No, to cite only the most important ones. In "Il Giudice Bean", a special feature was the fine illustrations by Sergio Tarquinio.