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What is the mystery surrounding the birth of Harlan Draka? Who is his father? Why has he always felt different from other guys, who used to call him "the Devil's son" and "blood of spells"? It is during a war that Harlan discovers his true nature. By coming face to face with horror, he discovers he is a Dampyr (or rather, the only Dampyr existing on our planet), and little by little he learns to avail himself of his extraordinary powers, which turn out to be of crucial importance in his struggle against the terrible Maestri della Notte, a family of super-predators each of which has its own hunting grounds and its own pack of non-dead, human beings transformed into vampires and reduced to slavery. This most recent Bonellian series, with Plot and script by Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo, seeks to evoke the dark, brooding horror story atmosphere, laced with magic and the supernatural, but blended with the harsh swift pace of modern action cinema. Shivers down the spine and a pounding heartbeat are definitely in store for those who choose to follow Harlan's adventures…