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2016 Preview

Tex: the Ranger with a thousand faces!

Here we are, with the first instalment of our previews, for a very Bonellian 2016! As usual, we begin our overview with a good ride on the adventurous paths of Tex's Wild West!

By Mauro Boselli

A new year full of exciting adventures for Tex Willer! We will start with the first issue of Tex Magazine, a two-episode album with a story tinged in horror and an adventure starring the legendary Ranger, Kit Carson, in his glorious and reckless youth. Then, in the following months, Tex and his pards' will have to foil a military conspiracy in the snowy forests of Colorado, fight against the Osages led by an old friend, and travel with Colonel Ranald Mackenzie, a.k.a. “Bad Hand”, going through the wilderness of the Frontier and Mexico, and clashing with Kiowa, Rurales and Comancheros.

Our Tex Colors will take the reader on the tracks of a herd on the endless Western prairies, at the time of Tex's youth, hunting for the horrendous Chupacabras... Enrique Breccia's "Texone" will carry us to the time when Tex met Capitan Jack's Modoc. Along with an adventure in the Painted Desert, we will meet again a young Tex in our regular-series albums, this time surrounded by the Rocky Mountains snow...

All this and much more, in a formidable year that will be full of surprises!