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Preview 2015

Dampyr: shadows and fogs!

Harlan Draka’s adventures in 2015 are shrouded by a veil of mystery and horror, keeping up with the tradition of the character by Boselli & Colombo. Let’s see what they have in store for us.

By Mauro Boselli and Giorgio Giusfredi

2015 will be rich in horror and suspense for Harlan Draka and co.—luckily, our heroes are endowed with strong nerves and a well-tried bravery.

Dampyr e Kurjak, from a future cover.

The ghastly atmosphere of a winter in Northern Scotland envelops a disquieting haunted hospital; Harlan will go there with his friend, Maud Nightingale, the ghost-hunter, to help her solve an intricate mystery on the bleak island of Arran.

Kurjak dreams about his son: which one, though? The son who died in Serbia, or the one he imagined in an alternative world that could just be a fantasy? Harlan will go with him on a journey beyond the borders of the unknown…

In the heart of small-town America, a threat that our hero had faced in the past comes back: along with the Amesha, Anyel, Harlan will confront the secret horrors of Winter, a town where everybody appears to nurture an inexorable hatred.

During their last incursion in the Black Dimension, something changed: the resistance against the oppressors began! And now we’ll finally go inside the dark maze of that demonic realm, along with our heroes…

The return of Amber, Harlan’s aunt and Draka’s sister, will take us to a Celtic past full of fantastic adventures, swords, battles and witches from the times of King Arthur and his knights… The same era where the Dampyr from the past lived. And we’ll finally get to know his identity.

After being found, the “book of lost time” will reveal some potential futures, forcing the main characters of our saga to face the decisive crossroads of their lives: after that, nobody in the series will be able to deem themselves immortal!

But there’s more: the secrets of the Dartmoor Swamp, lethal fogs concealing ancestral creatures, forgotten soldiers, war zones, vampires who can be in turn romantic, cruel, vengeful, aggressive, or revolting… All that, and something more, that we’d rather avoid visualize, will keep us company in a terrifying 2015.