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Preview 2015

Le Storie: all the stories of 2015!

The new year of Bonelli’s anthological library is under the spotlight, in the new chapter of our overview of our Publishing House’s 2015.

By Gianmaria Contro

In 2015, LeStorie begin their third year… Not bad, huh?
But we can do better, and more!
That’s why we planned a schedule full of albums to suit all palates, covering every kind of narrative genre, with the usual, unbridled freedom that we love.
And we hope you’ll love it, too.

As you may already know, we will begin with the new feat of the Bilotta & Mosca duo – you’ve met them in February 2013, for the hallucinatory Il lato oscuro della Luna – who offer us an unusual and tasty morsel, this time. Mercurio Loi is a character who hits home: a cultured “Roman Sherlock Holmes” with flair, he will be involved in a disquieting tale full of ghosts and mysterious suicides…

Drawed by Franco Saudelli (click on the image to enlarge).

Then, another strong pair is waiting for us: the veteran scriptwriter, Pasquale Ruju, works with a master of comics like Franco Saudelli to take us inside the crucible of the Napoleonic Wars… And (we disclose that to you on the hush-hush) this “historical setting” will be back again, with intriguing developments…

Enough with the gossiping, though. Speaking about sure things, we have a double offer for you: on one side, the Bonellian debut by Giulio Giordano, a fine artist that will surprise you with his vivid style. On the other hand, we’ll have the return of our trustwhorty Paola Barbato, who – in our humble opinion – scored some of her best hits on the pages of our series. And, talking about “scores”, it is right in the territory of a frantic-paced Crime Story that we will meet her again…

But our own pace is fast, too! This year, the King of the Bonellian genres, Western, will debut on our pages! Forget about Tex’s bravely clear-cut adventures—the story created by two “pirates of the imagination” like Fabrizio Accatino & Paolo Bacilieri can only be bad and dirty like a Sam Peckinpah movie...

But pirates will be in our series, too, thanks to a special guest like Mauro Boselli. His skilled pen has put on paper a fun-horror script full of Adventure, the right vehicle to heighten the graphic bravura of Dampyr’s artist Luca Rossi, who excels himself in this book.

The train of our thoughts has derailed now, so we’ll take a look at the next months in dribs and drabs; but, please, pay attention, because the second half of our 2015 will be really explosive! We’ll see science-fictional visions, in between utopia and dystopia; ambushing demons lurking in the shadows of ancient abbeys; mysterious murders in the heart of Victorian London; and dark, horrific threats coming from the heart of darkness of the English countryside. All that, without having to abstain from a pinch of Noir and a touch of the most classic adventurous romance: the latter, provided by the legendary Tex’s writer, Claudio Nizzi himself, with art by…

Well, enough’s enough. We’ll leave a bit of space for surprises, that will be aplenty—especially regarding our artists. As you have already seen, we have some “sly old foxes” at work, but also some new entries; young talents that we believe have what it takes to become true stars of the comics’ world… But we’ll wait for your opinion about that.

Shall we stop here? Forget about it! Before leaving, we move away from the icy grip of winter and go towards the summer months… and the new Speciale, coming in July. After the warm reception that many of you gave to Uccidete Caravaggio! (by DeNardo & Casertano), we thought it was quite natural to renew our summer appointment with a full-color album. In order to do just that the best we can, we enrolled two of the most prestigious signatures of our Dream Workshop: the above-mentioned Boselli and (drumroll here…) Angelo Stano!

Do you want to know what their “Storia” will be about?...

Well, you’ll have to wait for the ice to thaw.

For now, thanks, y’all. And have a happy 2015, full of Good Stories!