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Preview 2015

Tex: the adventure is on the horizon!

The first instalment of our overview on a Bonellian 2015! Like every year, we begin our exploration with a look at the things we have in store for our readers, on the trails of Tex’s Wild West!

By Mauro Boselli

The Wild West created by Gianluigi Bonelli is not just about guns and horses. As our affectionate readers know, it is made of epic stories, supernatural threats, magic, mystery, exotic locations and the endless horizons of adventure!

Tex drawing by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri.
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After his clash against the snake-men of “The Eleventh Abyss”, Tex will face a savage enemy who came back from the past, in a tense and dramatic adventure beyond the Mexican border: here, the magic of Eagle of the Night will clash with the dark and ruthless arts of the cruel Charvez!

On the verge of modernity, Tex & Carson will realize that the illusion of “black gold” can spread death and destruction, and force them to face the adversaries they loathe the most: corrupt politicians and businessmen!

The Pards’ trails, this year, will also cross paths with an innocent man that must be saved from the gallows; a fugitive deserter who stands unjustly accused and is chased by ruthless soldiers; savage raiders and proud warriors who have rebellion in their blood.

On the Northern routes, in Winnipeg, Tex and co. will meet friends and foes once again, in a gloomy and intricate tale that will force them to confront an unexpected and terrible threat…

You will find surprises galore, on the trails of the Wild West (with an unusual “Texone”, very special color albums and a new entry—the hardbound album, in full-color and with a large format, signed by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri). But you can rest assured: the classic horse rides, the squabbles between pards’ and the three finger-thick steaks will be there, too!