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2014 Preview

Martin Mystère: back from the past!

In 2014, the Detective of the Impossible will see the resurfacing of Mysterious and well-known characters and places. Find out who’s who in the 10th preview of the new year.

By Carlo Recagno

You can leaf through the gallery to see images from Martin Mystère albums in 2014.

This will be a “throwback” year for Martin Mystère. In 2014 we will meet several well-known characters and places— but some of them will catch the Detective of the Impossible by surprise, nonetheless!

Art by Giancarlo Alessandrini

We will begin immediately in February, with a trip to Anctartica  following the narration interrupted a couple of years ago in “Longitudine zero”; then, there will be a mission to Iran, in the Sumerian land, where Martin, along with his old friend Travis, will have to face nothing less than an ancient deity, in the follow-up of another old adventure (which one? it’s a Mystery!).

Another return that will surely be appreciated is Za-Te-Nay, the strange “Man of the Woods” (who, as you remember, has a striking resemblance with one “Spirit-with-the-Hatchet”), in an epic tale that will eventually answer the questions that remained open on his last appearance in the series.In the summer Special, as usual, we’ll meet again  the light-headed Angie and the Dee & Kelly duo, but also “young Martin”, this time in a never seen before and (hopefully) unexpected mode.

Also in “Storie da Altrove” we will find a new face: Olimpia, the charming robot-woman, that this time will investigate the mysteries surrounding the killing of U.S. President Garfield, in 1882. In Fall, it will be time for our regular Almanacco del Mistero, with a new “visit” to the Thirties, where the Martin Mystère of that “alternative dimension” will have to face a “War of Worlds”!

That’s not everything, of course: other journeys and adventure are waiting for us, and there will be plenty of Mysteries!