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2014 Preview

Le Storie: all the tales of 2014!

In the next twelve months, the Bonelli anthological series will take us on every kind of adventure! To find out what’s in store, here’s the ninth part of our 2014 preview.

By Gianmaria Contro

You can leaf through the gallery to see images from Le Storie albums in 2014.

The first cry of 2014 already look like a running train whistle for Le Storie, that are ready to present you with another twelve months’ worth of Adventures, thrills and limitless fantasies.

Art by Paolo Raffaelli

This year, the début is with a dark romantic tale by Alessandro Bilotta & Matteo Mosca – well-known and loved authors – that will take us back to the Cold War years, in Berlino, for a riveting love story, strictly entwined with the shadows and traps of a well-constructed spy-story.

Then it’s time for Gigi Simeoni to take our hand and go with us from the recent past to a (hopefully) faraway future, in the post-disaster and neo-medieval lands of his Ossidancy Era. That’s the name of the terrible disease that struck the surviving humanity. The people are getting ready – and you’ll find out why in due time – to fight a new, bloody war…

Talking about wars, the trusted Luigi Mignacco (this time joined by artist Paolo Raffaelli) will take a look on World War II, a crucible of endless human tragedies that has always been supplying material for the Adventure Factory. This time, Mignacco chose a personal rewriting of the literary classic "The duel" – by Joseph Conrad – to tell us about a boxing match that goes on in all the battlefields of the world, between two sworn enemies.

Art by Alfio Buscaglia

Then – a choice dictated by a knack for variation and surprise – we will be thrown into a “steampunk” scenery, out of the best sci-fi and mystery books! The plot conceived by Giovanni Di Gregorio, with art by Alessia Fattore & Maurizio Di Vincenzo, mixes these two elements: a chess match between a human player and a “steam” computer – set in Victorian London – will the unexpected plan for a string of murders……

hat’s enough for now, but we can also disclose that psychological thrillers, war adventures, neo-gothic horror tales, gangster-stories, Medieval legends and even baffling “zombie Apocalypses”, are already in store for you, in the whirlwind of narrative inventions that our authors prepared for a very special 2014.

“Special” is also the keyword for Le Storie next summer…but that’s something we will talk about in due time. Now we wish you a happy new year and a good read!