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2014 Preview

Dylan Dog: Are you ready for a revolution?

For the Nightmare Investigator 2014 promises to be a crucial year: the début of the eagerly-awaited "new cycle" is drawing near, but news and surprises won’t be scarce even before Fall comes. Find out about it in the sixth part of our preview of the new year!

By Franco Busatta

Click on the opening picture to leaf through a gallery of images from Dylan Dog albums in 2014.

2014 will be a crucial year for the Nightmare Investigator: the character created by Tiziano Sclavi is on his way to begin a narrative cycle that will change his publishing story forever. First things first, though.

The series will mantain its usual course until September, with issues that will see Dylan go through the dark mirror of the glittering celebrities world, and then he will meet the gorgeous Neve, a beautiful girl who’s the main character of a mysterious and disquieting winter.

Art by Nicola Mari
In October, we will begin to breathe a new air in Craven Road, with a full-color episode where Dylan will have to face monsters from the Outer Space. In November we will witness Inspector Bloch's retirement, while in December we’ll meet his replacement, Inspector Carpenter.

But the fans of “classic” Dylan will be able to find him as usual on the pages of the Maxi, that will become four-montly under the new tag Old Boy— here you will still find unpublished “traditional” stories.

The spring Dylan Dog Color Fest will mark a very important event, centered around the meet-up of four of the main characters of the Bonellian comics universe: Mister No, Martin Mystère, Napoleone and Nathan Never.