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Introduction: To prevent a disaster, the greatest detective and the greatest thief in the world are forced to work together!


Frequency: annual

Il ladro che si alleò con Sherlock Holmes

Release: 27/09/2016

Plot: Carlo Recagno

Script: Carlo Recagno

Artwork: Antonio Sforza

Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

1915. The world is at war, and the French and British intelligences are shocked by some terrible news: the project for a new secret weapon have been stolen! There's only one solution to stop the Austrian to put their hands on it: they'll have to call the greatest detective and the greatest thief in the world, who will have to work together. Will Sherlock Holmes and Arsenio Lupin be able to set aside their differences and rivalry and complete their mission? Meanwhile, in the USA, the mysterious “Elsewhere” base deploys several pawns that may shape the destiny of WWI...

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Title M/A first edition Storie da Altrove
1 Colui che dimora nelle tenebre 10.1998
2 La cosa che attende nella nebbia 11.1999
3 L'ombra che sfidò Sherlock Holmes 11.2000
4 L'uomo che raccontava storie 10.2001
5 La donna che visse in due mondi 10.2002
6 L'artiglio che si strinse sull'America 10.2003
7 La creatura che venne dall'inferno 10.2004
8 L'isola che giaceva in fondo al mare 09.2005
9 Il principe che tornò dalle tenebre 09.2006
10 Il terrore che venne dallo schermo 09.2007